apa password resident evil 4 ps2?

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Free Broken Butterfly:
A little bit after Sadler kills Luis there is a locked door, wich you can only acces with ashley,inside there are 3 to 4 treasure chests. After you get Ashley go all the way back to this locked room and piggyback Ashley through the window,she will unlock the door for you.

The Best Mercenary:
Unlock Albert Wesker first and use him to get the 5 Star ratings in the other areas. He has the best choice of weaponry: A Punisher, a Magnum, an Auto Rifle, and Grenades.

Easy Money:
In the farm, there are three chickens that lay gold, white, and brown eggs. Just wait around and keep collecting them. Speed things up by running in and out of the zone or fooling with the typewriter.

Better Treasure:
You can combine certain types of treasure to increase its value. Try combining items like the Beerstein, Elegant Mask, and Butterfly Lantern with various colors of Gems and Catseyes you find.

Infinite Handcannon:
Obtain a 5 Star Rank with every mercenary in every stage to unlock the Handcannon. Upgrade it to its highest level to get infinite ammo, which will cost around 790,000 Pesetas.

Infinite Rocket Launcher:
After beating the game, it will be available to buy for 1 million Pesetas.

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