ada yang bisa bikin soal ini tidak ?

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pagi all
soal vocabulary test _ mulitple choice completion , multiple choice parahrase , simple completion . ini masing masing 5 soal . ditolong y ?

Harap masuk atau mendaftar untuk menjawab pertanyaan ini.

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cri di google aja mbak bnyk
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multiple choice paraphrase
1. this is not the ORIGINAL owner
a. true
b. first
c. new
d. legal

2. it is a HOSTILE country
a. unfriendly
b. friendly
c. intricate
d. patient

3. i have a COMPLICATED problem
a. easy
b. simple
c. intersting
d. intricate

4. a GENUINE signature
a. false
b. authentic
c. professional
d. unconfirmed

5. a VACANT position
a. full
b. enough
c. weak
d. empty

Multiple choice Completion

1. Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Beethoven, Karl Mark and Lord Keynes are all ......... men intheir own fields. But Leonardo da Vinci was outstanding in weveral fields.
a. relevant      b. remarkable     c. similar

2. water is of great ......... to man. he needs water for washing, drinking, industrial purpose and for a great number of other things.
a. expense     b. value            c. effort

3. Lawyers..........with teachers in holding the position of President in Tonia. The first president was a lawyer, the second was a teacher, the third was a lawyer and the fourth was a teacher.
a. alternate        b. practice            c. proceed

4. people are different in their tastes; some...........pleasure with music, others obtain great satisfaction from cooking and sewing, and while yet others get their greatest happiness from sport.
a. derive            b. locate      c. record

5. there was a lot show that an accident had recently taken place there. there were two police men measuring the road, a smashed-up car by the side and some blood stains and piece of glass on the road.a. cooperation           b. evidence        c. information

simple completion

1. My teach__ is very helpful.
2. That was a care____ answer.
3.they like to.........pop songs
4. he plays a violin; he is a good ...............
5. the bump on my head is very ...........
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kagak ngrti ane

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